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Field Joint Coating Limited, a subsidiary of SOLEWANT GROUP, is a Leading pipeline field joint coating company. We offer field joint coating (FJC) application services to oil and gas industries in Nigeria. FJC provide full range of anti-corrosion for protecting girth welds. The field joint, or the bare part of the pipeline surrounding the weld area, is extremely susceptible to corrosion. So, we provide the finest equipment and experienced coating experts to apply field joint coatings and pipeline field coating repairs along client’s pipeline right of way or on offshore lay vessels. Our organization as a solution provider in the Onshore and Offshore pipeline field joint coating industry is dedicated to make your pipeline construction project successful. We anticipate on the challenges involved with working in remote pipeline locations at virtually any place in the world and emphasizes to have necessary skills, company strength and efficient project delivery to provide required specialty pipeline field joint coating materials, unique equipment, quality assurance and technology transfer packages to our oil and gas clients worldwide.

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    The vision of FJC is to be world class number one Field Joint coating service provider for the Oil and Gas industries

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